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Elva discusses the truths about continuous feedback.
Has the “Death” card finally been dealt for our trusted friends, our appraisal schemes?
Read Elva's four-step process to overcome resistance to change.
Elva describes the four indicators that tell you whether you are ready for 360
In this edition Elva discusses how fear can hold back innovation and change
Read Elva's view on whether you should do employee engagement or 360 feedback.
Neil Thomson discusses how competency frameworks can be gender bias.
Elva reflects on her extensive career in HR and advises on life outside of it.
Elva answers "How can I improve gender equality in my company?"
Elva tackles this issue of 'keeping 360 alive'
Elva reveals how you can make sure your 360 is business-critical.
In this edition, Elva reveals “What else can I do with my 360 data?”
In this edition Elva questions; “If appraisals are dead, what do you do instead?”
In this edition Elva is asked "How can HR be more powerful?"
How HR can help finance professionals
MD Elva Ainsworth delivers a special feature for HRDirector, advising on "An All Round Vision for HR"
Article published by International Coach Federation, with our advice as to encouraging critical conversation.
Managing Director Elva Ainsworth talks about how HR can turn 'attitude' into action.
Our advice on how to help employees take Critical Feedback, published by We Are The City website.

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