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We enjoy working in partnership with all kinds of organisations where we can help people realise their potential. Some of our clients you may recognise...
Anthony Nolan
The Open University
Transport For London
Virgin Active
University Arts London
NG Bailey

Case studies

Implementation of a highly customised 360° feedback tool for global culture change
We started with their framework and delivered a 360
Transforming Tate...
See how we are helping shape the future of UAL
See how we are helping inform TfL's L&D plans

I am so pleased at the ease of use of the system. Everything is intuitive and very helpful. For us, it is money well spent!

Eldred Dizon - NCB Capital

I have just met with Mike Stubbs [Director of Overground] and he debriefed me on the Director Development Programme, he said you [Ti coach] were amazing and the best coach he had ever had - thought the idea of you interviewing his boss was terrific!! Well done!

Leonie Saywell - Transport for London

The service I receive from Talent Innovations is so quick and responsive that I often forget they have other clients!

Fiona Irwin - International Personal Finance

Bloomin’ eck! Well done again - what a service!

William Innes - Royal Bank of Scotland

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