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Our story


A skiing accident is the unlikely catalyst for a brother and sister to bring together their expertise in 360 degree feedback and neuroscience with technical analysis and software development.

Talent Innovations is born.

Ti creates its first online 360 tool ‘Expressions’ (now called MyTalent), tested and commissioned to include a ground-breaking feature of the time – personal questions.

By 2002

Talent Innovations launches its off-the-shelf 360, ‘Inspiring Leader’, which is now its most popular product.

Ti enters the US market.

Ti is servicing 360s for senior leaders in both the private and public sector.

As the client list grows, so does the team, forcing the need to move into a larger office space in Kingston-upon-Thames.

By 2004

A partnership is signed with Cranfield Business School for their client customised 360.

A contract is secured to deliver top talent diagnostic programme for aspiring VPs at Oracle.

Ti's 360 tool is rebuilt by its in-house team, on new updated platform, MyTalent v1.1

A revised and updated version of ‘Inspiring Leader’ is launched.

By 2008

The IT and support team is expanded.

Ti moves into offices in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire.

Ti's first security penetration test is successfully completed.

By 2010

Ti delivers it's first multi-language customised 360 in Japanese and French for a large investment bank.

The team grows and moves into larger offices in Kings Langley.

By 2012

Talent Innovations builds its first integrated 360 plus performance management tool, and its first integrated 360 plus development planning tool/workbook.

Ti's partner, Cranfield starts using ‘Inspiring Leader’ for their MBA programme.

A global partnership is signed with Persona Global consultancy.


Talent Innovations enters Australia.

Ti delivers its first international customised 360 in nine languages.

Ti's ‘Inspiring Leader’ benchmark data reaches 15,000.

Talent Innovations are finalists for multiple Industry awards as 'L&D Supplier of the Year'.

Elva Ainsworth finishes her book – ‘360° Feedback - A Transformational Approach’.

Ti is working with a great spread of clients from Christie’s, TfL, Tate, Nando's to Heathrow and many more.

The branding is refreshed, as is the website!

Talent Innovations pioneers real time feedback, including fabulously user friendly dashboards.

Goes into partnership with HR Grapevine.

Ti's 360 feedback skills training is accredited by ILM.


Many of the organisations we work with have an international reach, so our software, MyTalent has been specifically developed to work with multiple languages and cultures and has been used successfully across the globe.


Our philosophy is to care

We care about the accuracy of 360 surveys, so that we don't mislead people.


We care about the emotions around a 360 to avoid reactions getting in the way.


We care about the integrity of a 360 process and maintaining confidentiality.


We care about giving you the full value and ‘gold dust’ from your 360 analysis.


We care about the transformational impact your 360 can have on your company.


We care about the 360 participant personally getting the most from the process.

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