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MyTalent software was developed to make customised, complex 360 projects a dream to deliver. It has unrivalled functionality with easy access to branded tools and sophisticated psychometric displays of your 360 data.

With MyTalent, you’ll feel reassured that your 360 is processed by robust and reliable technology. If you want your 360 to be managed directly by trained administrators to monitor ratings and open text commentary, with the ability to flex deadlines and automate emails, MyTalent makes this very simple.

Our pride and joy, at the core of our business, MyTalent is continually developed and improved in partnership with our client user group. Written in PHP and MySQL by our dedicated team of in-house developers, the system is security penetration tested annually

Customised 360° software 

You may want your customised 360 to be short or long, simple or complex, developmental or assessment-focused, in English or in other languages.

Our 360 software, MyTalent has been designed to handle all of these options and more. After you clarify what you want your 360 to do and look like in a co-creation design meeting, our dedicated developers will build you a prototype for piloting. Your key stakeholders can then guide us to refine and agree your final survey. This can take a matter of days, weeks or months depending on your timescales.

You can choose how many reviewers are included and what to call them. You have the option of which graphs are included, the colours used, and the branding on all the web-pages. You also get to decide whether to include a ‘forced-choice’ (ipsative) portion in your survey and who the final reports are automatically emailed or posted to.

Bureau service

Our 360 Bureau service helps you with the detailed day-to-day management of your 360 degree project.

We can either train your own team to manage the project or provide the full Bureau project management service for you.

When you outsource Bureau to us, you can be confident that everything will be managed with care, from initial testing to final review. Our independence gives your participants privacy and confidentiality.

With this service you get weekly update calls; phone and email queries will be answered within a working day and potential issues with data and your participants will be raised with you. Together we will manage your project.

Integrated 360°

360° seen in isolation has limited value. Most individuals need support, structure and help in order to change. We see 360° as an individually-focused intervention that is best integrated within an organisational or team-based programme. If you want to drive a feedback culture, building a 360° into a business-critical process can really help. Our software, MyTalent has been designed for such integration.

With MyTalent you can develop exactly the process you want – whether this is a performance management framework, a development planning process or a career management review. It can be built with and for your leaders so there is real ownership, high engagement and the 360° can be integrated exactly to your specification. You can then develop your own talent management dashboard, drive HR strategically and have input to the business agenda.

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