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Inspiring Leader

Our most popular off-the-shelf 360 product is Inspiring Leader. Favoured by business schools and professional organisations, this 360 is designed to provide essential data relevant to most junior/middle managers. It is based on 15 years of research and, with over 16,000 data sets, it offers an opportunity for robust, statistical comparisons. There are benchmarks available for the private, public and educational sectors.

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With Inspiring Leader you can select between 2 and 22 reviewers in up to 7 different reviewer categories. You can add your own personal questions; you can see your strengths and priority development areas as well as how you compare with others. With coaching support, either from our consultants or by training your own team, you can guarantee that your managers get clear and specific feedback on the behaviours that matter (see sample report). You then have the option for coaching for a transformational result.  

Inspiring Executive

Inspiring Executive is the newest addition to our 360 portfolio and is proving to be highly popular for leaders across many sectors (see sample report).

Designed specially for the most senior management in organisations it covers areas of strategic and commercial judgement and personal efficacy at executive level.
The ability to develop an empowering culture and leadership of change as well as building personal profile and positive stakeholder relations.
With our ‘personal questions’ feature, your senior leaders can make the 360 their own and our unique cultural mapping will indicate the potential organisational impact of their behaviour. Developed from 10 years of research on leadership 360 and a study of the neuroscience of feedback, Inspiring Executive offers an opportunity to provide clear, relevant feedback to senior executives with the privacy they deserve. With our strictly confidential 360 Bureau service, your senior leaders can be assured of sensitive and professional support with the option of 360 coaching from highly experienced executive coaches.

Customised 360°

You know what you want your 360 to do and you know how long you want your survey to be. You want it built on your competency model, values and DNA and written in your language(s). With Talent Innovations you can have a 360 that is just right for your managers and your culture. We start with a co-creation stage, where you can involve your key stakeholders, and a trial 360 can be ready to use within a few days.  

  • Full buy-in and engagement of your stakeholders
  • Precise brand DNA
  • Built in psychometric features that enhance the robustness of your instrument
  • Reference to our library of over 9,000 tested and trialled 360° questions
  • A cross-mapping against your values

Our customised 360 is built for you with psychometrically sound construction; relevant, simple and clear content; and access to the unique personal questions options and built-in benchmarks. Using our analytics you can gather data on the true career drivers in your organisation, and by using our expertise you can provide a confidential 360 Bureau service. You can also offer transformational coaching and feedback to your participants.

See how Tate used our customised 360

360° Bureau and coaching

360 data can look easy to understand, but it can be harder to get to grips with the underlying issues and meaning. Once you have understood some key themes in your 360 it can then be a struggle to come to terms with them and work out what to do next. With 20 years of supporting people with their 360s we have developed special techniques to help participants to feel ‘OK’ with their data and clear about how to progress. Our experience shows that you can double the value of a 360 through expert, independent coaching.


With Talent Innovations' 360 coaching you can offer this powerful intervention as a truly developmental experience. Our coaches are specially qualified in the Ti methodology and have extensive experience in psychometric feedback and/or transformational coaching. They can turn an individually focused process into a productive team or organisational-wide coaching programme of change.

Your 360 project has many important aspects to plan and manage. Getting any of the detail wrong can undermine the value and success of the whole programme. Our 360 Bureau service provides you with a qualified project manager who will take you through all 55 steps and decisions needed to launch an effective 360. Weekly update calls are booked, the pilot survey details are outlined and a launch date agreed. Participants' and reviewers' details will be uploaded on your behalf and phone and email queries from reviewers can be resolved within a working day. Open text comments are reviewed and potential issues raised with you, so you can be sure that your 360s are being managed sensitively. Full reminders will be managed and reports are emailed or posted to the participant, coach or manager after appropriate briefings.

360° development tools

You may want to encourage a learning culture in your organisation, but many people find personal development a challenge. Neuroscience now gives us essential insight into what helps our individual development. Being clear what you want, what your ideal future looks like, what new habits would be useful and what structure would support these, are all recommended.


Our approach is to build tools and processes for before and after a 360 to ensure this learning process is supported and enhanced. An integrated behavioural tracker can be added to your 360; a developmental performance management system can be built; a development planning workbook can be made specially to support your managers.  


Delivering 360 alongside a more positively-focused instrument tends to guarantee motivational results and keeps the 360 alive well after the event. Our Bureau team can advise and provide you with other personality surveys and psychometric tools to support your project

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