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360° impact

Understanding the impact of your 360 project is essential, but actually is hard to do. A powerful tool like 360 can have dramatic effects in the short-term but the long-term impact may be harder to distinguish. Our 20 years' experience in 360 has shown us that all the effects need to be managed very carefully. The neuroscience of feedback now tells us why. When you're coming up to your feedback session, it can seem as if your very survival is at stake. Every individual that touches a 360 project can therefore experience strong emotional reactions including fear, upset, anger and resistance.

Working with our consultants you will feel supported through the management of expectations and emotions. You will have a process designed to minimise upset and a method to measure impact referring to the Kirkpatrick levels of training evaluation. You will have all your key stakeholders involved and engaged and there will be clear evidence of the success of your 360 project.

Organisational culture data

360 data says as much about the cultural norms, current leadership and the relationships between reviewers as it does about the individual.

If you have over 40 participants in a target group completing 360 then you can access our group-level analytics. This will tell you what the common training needs are for this group, the key strengths and the differences between different groups e.g. departments, functions, genders and levels. It will also show how others see your ‘leadership brand’, the cultural impact of behaviours and where your organisational blindspots are. You will have a measure of your current culture and behavioural norms compared to others. You can see what the true career drivers are in your organisation and will have quality, benchmarked data as an instrument for change.

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