Dashboard reporting
Bring feedback reports to life and keep projects alive for longer, with our integrated dashboards.

Talent Dashboard

Keep your 360 project alive with our talent dashboard.

We've meticulously designed this to communicate an executive summary of how an individual is performing against organisational competencies.

It can also be used at team level to quickly and simply run a 'status check' on your organisation, and of course, it will be branded to include your company colours and logo.

Dynamic dashboard

Finally there is a solution to bring the results of a 360 report to life.

Our interactive dynamic dashboard tool compiles an entire report into simple feedback widget boxes.

Feedback widgets offer a completely unique learning experience, empowering users with total control over how they view their results.

Multi-source dashboard

A 360 feedback programme may be only one part of your overall performance management initiative, but why should it be separate?

With a multi-source dashboard, you can pull in other HR data sources for comparison and analysis which will assist you in assessing leadership capability.

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