What makes us different?

  • Choose from bespoke 360, perfectly aligned to your business or our off-the-shelf and self-install options
  • ILM endorsed training to grow your 360 skills
  • Confidential bureau and feedback support
  • Award-winning platform with multi-language functionality
  • Enhanced analytics designed to build genuine insight and drive organisational change
  • Pull multiple HR data sources together in our Leadership Dashboard

Where we can take you

360° feedback

An incredibly powerful tool, 360° needs to be treated with respect. Our 20 years of experience have shown that there are over 55 critical steps and decisions to make when designing a good 360°.

Ti analytics

Understanding the impact of your 360° project is essential, but actually is hard to do. A powerful tool like 360° can have dramatic effects in the short-term but the long-term impact may be harder to distinguish, so it's critical that you can monitor results in real time.

360° software

MyTalent software was developed to make customised, complex 360° projects a dream to deliver. It has unrivalled functionality including real time capability, with easy access to branded tools and sophisticated psychometric displays of your 360° data.

Elva Ainsworth
360 degree surveys consistently deliver transformational results. With Talent Innovations you can transform and inspire individuals and organisational culture at the same time. You can create your own bespoke survey with our unique real time software, MyTalent and benefit from the support, skills and training of our executive coaches, occupational psychologists and confidential project management team.
Elva Ainsworth - MD, Talent Innovations

Who do we work with?

We enjoy working in partnership with all kinds of organisations where we can help people realise their potential. Some of our clients you may recognise...
Anthony Nolan
The Open University
Transport For London
Virgin Active
University Arts London
NG Bailey

Thank you for your professionalism, your innovation, your opinions, your questions, your challenges and your support throughout my 360 project.

Alan Littlefield - Legal Services Commission